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Northwestern State Demons vs Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Live stream

Northwestern State Demons vs Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Live stream

Teams: Northwestern State Demons vs Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

Time: TBD

Date: Saturday, 2 September 2017

Location: Joe Aillet Stadium, Ruston, LA


The Northwestern State Demons is an intercollegiate football team in the United States. The Demons represents the college football games of the Northwestern State University.  The team plays the total home games at the Harry Turpin Stadium.

The all-time records of the Northwestern State Demons in the college football games are 631-398. The Northwestern State Demons has also drawn more than 40 games at the same time.

In the college football history, the Northwestern State Demons has gained 12 times Championship Conference at all. But there is no Bowl contribution of the team in the college football history.

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs is an American college football program in NCAA Division I. The team competes for the college football games on behalf of the Louisiana Tech University. The team competes for the football games in the sport of American college football.

The all-time performance results of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football team is 604–451. The Bulldogs has drawn more than 39 games at all. The Bowl records of the Bulldogs are 5-3-1.

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs has claimed National titles 3 times. Whereas it has gained Conference titles more than 25 times in the history of college football. The Bulldogs football team has also won Division titles 2 times and Consensus All-Americans titles 3 times.