Elon Phoenix vs Toledo Rockets Live stream

Elon Phoenix vs Toledo Rockets Live stream

Teams: Phoenix vs Rockets

Time: TBA

Date: Thursday, 31 August 2017

Location: Glass Bowl, Toledo, OH


The Elon Phoenix is an intercollegiate football program in the United States. The team introduced themselves in the college football sports in 1909 firstly. After a long term, the Elon Phoenix joined in the Colonial Athletic Association in 2014.

The all-time records of the Elon Phoenix in the college football games are 494-443 at all. At the same time, the Elon Phoenix has won 18 Conference trophies in the college football career. The team has gained 2 national titles but no any Bowl record.

The Toledo Rockets is an intercollegiate college football team in the United States. The Rockets competes for the college football games of NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision.

The statistical career of the Toledo Rockets in the college football career is 502-413. The average success rate of the team is acceptable in the college football history.

The Toledo Rockets has gained 13 times Conference titles over the college football history. The Rockets also achieved 10 Bowl titles over the total career. The team has also participated in Divisional titles and achieved 6 Divisional titles at all.

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